We are a 50+ group eager to share faith, fun, and fellowship.  Anyone 50 and older can be a Perennial!  For more information or to be added to group emails, see Tammy Snyder. 


Upcoming Events:

May Matinee Movie:  Saturday, May 21 at 2:00 PM

Amazing Grace– the story of William Wilberforce who, along with his close friend and future prime minister William Pitt, fought to end the slave trade in Great Britain.  This is truly a “must see” movie!  Bring a comfortable lawn chair and a dessert to share.  


David, Sight and Sound Theater-  Tuesday, July 19 at 11:00 AM.  We have 30 people enjoying this event!  The tickets have been purchased and will be given to you closer to the show date.  We will also discuss a meal together following the show, but that doesn’t have to be finalized until much closer to the show date!

Eastern Regional Conference, Churches of God- ADULT FELLOWSHIP       

WHAT:  Spring Fling #2
WHEN:  May 20th at 10:00 AM
WHERE:  Glenvale Church of God (featuring Joe Tomlinson:  gospel music video producer, song-writer and musician)
COST:  $15 for lunch & concert
WHAT:  Adult Fellowship Camp  
WHEN:  August 15th thru 19th      
WHERE:  Doubling Gap Center, Newville                      
COST:  $166 for the full week, includes meals
             Discounted prices for RVs & part time attendees
*You can talk to some church members who have attended this camp for more information!  (Elaine Mowery, Eileen Bear, Carl Baughman, Tammy Snyder, Pastor Don)
WHAT:  Fall Festival of Music
WHEN:  Friday, October 7th
WHERE:  Doubling Gap Center, Newville
COST:  $20 for the program and the camp’s chicken BBQ!